White Women Can Be Racist Too

Last year, I worked in a bar where there were only two employees working per shift-a bartender and a racist-I mean waitress. This particular day I was bartending and this girl was waiting tables. She made a comment about waiting on a group of Canadians and how they tipped poorly and she let slip ‘at least they weren’t niggers’.

Her eyes immediately got big as she realized what she said. The next day I told my boss and was told to sweep it under the rug and that this incident couldn’t prevent me from working shifts with her. She then went to the boss later and told him that me ‘telling’ on her made her uncomfortable and she didn’t want to work with me anymore. I was fired a few weeks later for ‘being on my phone’ aka plugging my music into the sound system. I told them I would file a wrongful termination suit and my boss, who owned multiple establishments around town, said he would bury me with lawyers- so I dropped it.

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